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I’m back, with a book review

So I’ve been a bit busy getting my master’s degree, but for one of my renewable energy courses, I read a few books and did a few assignments that I feel I should share as they have helped me better understand the energy paradigm in the US. If the contents of this post feel a…

How Realistic is “Net Zero Emissions?”

In my last blog post we discussed about the Biden Administration’s pledge to reduce emissions and pave the way towards a net zero carbon future. I am hopeful that we overshoot these pledges as technology continues to advance in the coming decades. However, what if it doesn’t? Or what if technological progress reduces in speed…

Pledges and a Path Forward

The current administration is stark contrast to the previous when it comes to addressing climate change, reducing carbon emissions, and transforming our energy grid into one with a renewable energy versus a fossil fuel backbone. Over the last weekend the President and 40 other world leaders met virtually for this President’s first climate summit. This…

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